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Welcome to Hinton & Wild

Hinton & Wild (Home Plans) Ltd are specialists in equity release and have advised on equity release plans for over 30 years.

We were the first ever provider of independent equity release financial advice in the country and have arranged over 10,000 equity release plans. So we use years of experience to find you the best solution.

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Hinton & Wild are independent advisers. We can consider a range of plans and research the market on your behalf. At Hinton & Wild we will only advise on an equity release plan (otherwise known as a lifetime mortgage or home reversion scheme) if it is suitable for you.

Please note that home reversion schemes are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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If you want more information on equity release, a lifetime mortgage, home reversion or a clergy mortgage, please call us on 0800 328 8432 or complete our enquiry form.


Our services:
Equity Release - use your property to generate income or a lump sum
Lifetime Mortgage - borrow a percentage of the value of your home
Home Reversion - sell part or all of your property, and keep a lifetime tenancy
Clergy Mortgage - the mortgage for clergy or those in tied accommodation

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